Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All is good. This past weekend I met with my LIFE Group (our small group) and had a really good time exploring and dialoging with each other about miracles. This just happened to be on the tail-end of the personal - very personal miracle my family experienced last week. If you haven't heard and would like to read about that miracle...check out my last blog (Absolutely Amazing). Well, here is the thing. What we discovered in this study was not as much about the specifics of the miracle Jesus performed - as much as we did the character of the man Jesus. It was powerful...when Jesus healed the woman who had been bleeding for over 12 years (seriously bad season of her life) the bible says that He called her a daughter of Israel. In doing so, Jesus embraced her for who she was and valued her as a person. This is very significant - because, in doing so, Jesus risked a lot. This woman was considered to be "un-clean" - and anyone who got too close would be labeled the same. Never-the-less, Jesus reaches out and embraces the lowest level of society and then brings her up. He wasn't concerned about her bringing Him down - He was just ready to bring her up!

Wow, doesn't that just get you at the core of your being? Jesus is all about bringing people up. What a novel idea. Why don't we try following His lead?

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Brett Amos said...

Awesome Study, brother! I look forward to the weeks ahead!